Monday, July 17, 2017

The Sacred Chickens of Rome! My Weekly Web Comic!

It's here, folks!!!  It's finally here!!!  My weekly webcomic!!!

For years people have been saying, "Nate Creekmore should devote his boundless talents to the creation of a weekly, lavishly illustrated and wittily written webcomic about the sacred chickens of Rome!" and today this request is fulfilled in your hearing!!!

...wait... some of you not know about the sacred chickens of Rome?  Have you never heard their story?  Are you not reading Suetonius for fun..?  How odd.

Well here, read this prologue!

Ooooh!  I'm intrigued!!!  And I'm the one who's putting this whole thing together!!!

Be sure and check in with the chickens every Wednesday morning as their Homeric odyssey unfolds!!!

Click Here To Get Started!!!



  1. You smoothed out the land mass where Neopolis should be. Speaking on behalf of the Napoleotani, I am outraged.