Monday, June 25, 2018

New Website, I've been having a hard time getting anyone to take a look at these posts, and by "anyone" I don't mean any of you fine people.  I mean people who run companies and businesses, people who see ".blogspot" at the end of my proffered links and think, "Blogspot?  How unfashionable.  This is hardly worth my time at all.  How did this email get past my assistant?  I'm going to fire him". 

In response, I've come up with the brilliant plan of putting together my own website!!!  It's still a work in progress, but from now on I'll be posting all of my new material over here at:

In fact, I've just posted a few thoughts about our beloved Michael Jordan.  Come and see!


Monday, April 9, 2018

I'm The Boss, Applesauce

Usually, on this blog, I take a bunch of drawings and a bunch of words and I staple them all together to make a post about one thing or another.  Today, however, I just have a bunch of drawings without any words to go along with them.

Here's a drawing of a trio of lost souls floating around Atlanta.  I think it would look cool on a t-shirt...

Here's a pencil sketch of a house cat:

Here's a boy digging a hole:

Here's a KungFu grandmaster.  I accidentally gave him girly-looking shoes:

Here's a sketch of a man wearing some flowers:

More flower men (these are from photos in a National Geographic magazine I bought one day during a meal break):

A little elephant.  My wife would probably like this one.  She loves cute things.  It's cute, right?  No?

I'll be honest, these "Peak Inside the Ol' Sketchbook" posts are not super popular.  Viewership is even lower on these than on the Roman-centric posts I put together.  It's dismal, folks.  But...

...since you've come this far, since you made it all the way to the bottom of the post, I'll give you a sneak peek at something I've been cooking up(!).  It's a webcomic!  And before you say, "Geez, Nate, another webcomic?  I don't like your current webcomic.  Sacred Chickens?  Seriously?  You expect me to read that?  Either talk (and draw) about race or talk (and draw) about nothing!", let me say, I hear you.  You've had enough Rome.  You've had enough chickens.  Look, I can't promise this new webcomic won't ever mention Rome and I can't promise that it won't ever have a chicken or two pecking away in the background, but I can promise that it won't focus on Rome and it won't have a chicken for a protagonist.  In fact, this is the protagonist:

His name is Manfred, he has some kind of demon arm or something, and that's all I can say for now...


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Comic Book Therapy

Way back in September of 1992, when I was but a young lad, I went to the bookstore to see how Rai, my favorite comic book character at that time, was doing.

Rai wasn't Marvel or DC, he was one of those weird Valiant characters.  His thing was that he was the Spirit Guardian of a futuristic Japan that was floating out in space.  Rai didn't ever punch man-shaped lizard monsters, but they drew a drawing of him punching man-shaped lizard monsters on this cover:

He wasn't super great at his job and he wasn't all that adept at fighting villains, but I was just learning about (and falling in love with) Kung-Fu flicks at that time and anything that bore any resemblance to anything in the world of Kung-Fu was cool with me.  Rai was the most Kung Fu-ish looking character on the comic book shelf, so he was cool with me.  And anyway he was a brand new character, only 6 issues old.  I was sure he'd figure things out.  So I grabbed issue #7, handed the cashier my allowance, and opened it up to see how things were going for him.

When I got to the last few pages, a villain named Mothergod showed up...

That was it.  Rai was dead.  I went back to the bookstore the next month to see if maybe he'd come back to life (comic book characters are always resurrecting), but there was no issue #8.  Rai was just dead.

What did it mean?  Why was he fighting a girl in the first place?  How did she kill him with rainbow blasts?  And who was the random guy in the last panel holding Rai's sword?

(by the way, the galling lameness of the random sword holding character cannot be overstated; my beloved Rai was to be avenged by this guy?)

I'd never know the answers to any of these questions.  But I'm a cartoonist (not a monetarily successful cartoonist, mind you, but a cartoonist nonetheless) and I recently decided to redraw those last few pages as a kind of therapy, a way to finally let Rai go after all these many years.

Want to see?

Huh.  I do feel a little better.  An odd demise for an odd character.  God speed, Rai.  We barely knew you.

...they re-booted Rai, actually, back in like 2014.  It's not bad, great art by Clayton Crain.

Maybe I should make my own comic.  You guys aren't really digging The Sacred Chickens of Rome, are you?  What if I made a comic that had super heroes instead of chickens...?


Monday, March 12, 2018

David's Mighty Mens

...are you guys tired of looking at my Bible drawings yet?  No?  Well, here's the latest one.  It's from that scene in First Samuel when David and his men are about to go do some murder but they're stopped by a woman named Abigail.

Here's David with a head full of steam:


He had a rag tag bunch with him:

Some of his Mighty Men were probably there.  This is how I envisage Benaiah (after David, he became Solomon's do-dirt guy):

Oh, and remember a few chapters earlier when he picks up the Goliath Sword from a priest at Nob?

Here's Abigail, melting David's heart:

And some of Abigail's people:

I've got some other ones, too.

Here's Lamech, from early on in the book of Genesis.  Every other guy was good with one wife, Lamech took two.

Here's one from Ecclesiastes, there's a time for everything:

One more?  Here's one from that part in the book of Acts where Paul and Silas are singing in prison:

I've got a pretty good stack of these at this point.  When I get enough of them, maybe I'll bind them all up into a book and sell it on my website.  This is the kind of thing people end up getting from me for Christmas and birthdays.

Don't be friends with artists, folks.  You end up getting a bunch of homemade gifts that you have to pretend to like.