Monday, March 12, 2018

David's Mighty Mens

...are you guys tired of looking at my Bible drawings yet?  No?  Well, here's the latest one.  It's from that scene in First Samuel when David and his men are about to go do some murder but they're stopped by a woman named Abigail.

Here's David with a head full of steam:


He had a rag tag bunch with him:

Some of his Mighty Men were probably there.  This is how I envisage Benaiah (after David, he became Solomon's do-dirt guy):

Oh, and remember a few chapters earlier when he picks up the Goliath Sword from a priest at Nob?

Here's Abigail, melting David's heart:

And some of Abigail's people:

I've got some other ones, too.

Here's Lamech, from early on in the book of Genesis.  Every other guy was good with one wife, Lamech took two.

Here's one from Ecclesiastes, there's a time for everything:

One more?  Here's one from that part in the book of Acts where Paul and Silas are singing in prison:

I've got a pretty good stack of these at this point.  When I get enough of them, maybe I'll bind them all up into a book and sell it on my website.  This is the kind of thing people end up getting from me for Christmas and birthdays.

Don't be friends with artists, folks.  You end up getting a bunch of homemade gifts that you have to pretend to like.