Sunday, July 9, 2017

Creeking More In The ATL (with your host Nate Creekmore) Episode #29

I'm not from Atlanta, but I live here, and (because I live here) people who don't live here ask me, "Creek, what's Atlanta really like?"  I don't know what Atlanta is really like, but if you'd like to know what it's like for me, I invite you to sit back and enjoy another episode of "CREEKING MORE IN THE ATL (with your host Nate Creekmore)"!!!

[Sing Me A Song Of Chicken]

In the city of Atlanta, one can find branches of a fast food chicken franchise called Bojangles.  They're all over the place.  There's a newish one on the corner where Buford Highway meets Oakcliff Road not far from the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

I went through the drive thru one day with my lady to get a box of fried chicken parts and, to my surprise, the woman on the intercom began singing to me.

Here's the thing:  Nate Creekmore is a singing man.

If you're standing next to me when we're singing Happy Birthday to somebody or you happen to be sitting near me in a church pew when the singing of hymns begins, you'll hear my public, forgettable Just-Blend-In-And-Don't-Stand-Out singing voice.

BUT, if you've somehow managed to find your way around my various personal defenses and become an actual-to-goodness Friend Of Creek (or, as the case may be, Wife of Creek), you've heard me SING.  And you've probably heard me sing many, many times.

And if you've ever sat with me in a car while I'm driving for any extended length of time, you've not only heard me sing, you've also heard me make up my own original songs.

So when that lady asked me if she could take my order, I didn't tell her my order, I sang it.

And so it was.

And the best part of all (as if it hadn't already been a perfect moment) was right at the end when I drove up to the window to pay and pick up my food.  We both just acted completely normal as though nothing magical had just happened.

Cool as a couple of cucumbers.

Folks, I love this city.

There you have it foks, another exciting episode of "Creeking More In The ATL (with your host Nate Creekmore)"!  Be sure and come back for the next installment wherein I explain that Nate Creekmore is also a dancing man.

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